I recently started shorting stocks too given this volatile market for the last four months and it has given me great returns.

I always use the following rules1.

The market is brutal and unforgiving.

You make a mistake you pay for it.

I never regret if I have made a mistake.

It my mistake alone and I don’t brood about it because tomorrow is another day.

1. have learnt from my mistakes and try improving upon them.

2. I do in depth analysis including reading and technical charts to decide my next course of strategy.

3.If you are not confident about a particular stock play it in small volumes or better don’t play it at all.

4.Always keep a buffer with your money in short term and long term appreciating stocks.

5. Invest in other available methods like mutual funds, commodities, PPF, fixed deposits, property etc.

6.As I rule I invest 30% in equities, 30% in mutual funds, 30% in fixed deposits and property and the rest in govt bonds.

7.Don’t be greedy if your profit margin in margin trading is small. It eventually adds up to a big amount.

8.Day trading is 5 ½ hours long. You can get backaches, spondilytis, headaches, vertigo, ulcers, body pain especially for me at this age of 68 years but the returns are enough to drive the doctor away.

9.And finally tomorrow is another day if not today.And finally I still find enough time to play with my grandchildren. The smile on their faces is even more tempting, but then how can I forget my new found identity. It’s a balance I have managed to strike.

Thank you for your time