I’ has found some good things which I adopt in my trading & I want 2 shares with u. I hope you’ll enjoy.

>>> It’s Your Money, Take Control…..!!! <<<

(01) Trade with a Plan: Always made a Plan than go to trade. 1st Calculate what is your Risk & what is your Reward. Don’t trade in “Hose-Pose”. Opportunities r never going 2 ends in this market.

(02) Stay with a Trend: If u move with a trend than your probabilities of success are far greater than losses. Don’t buy when a Stock/Commodity falling & don’t sell when a Stock/Commodity Rising.

(03) Use Money Management Techniques: Cutting a loss quickly is the best Money Management. A lot of time Traders/Investors fall in love with their position. Don’t be in Love with your Position… Don’t!!!

(04) Buy & Sell on Confidence: Sometime u wants 2 Buy/Sell but u doesn’t feel its right decision. Than don’t trade. “Don’t try 2 find a Good Reason 4 making a Bad Decision.

(05) Always use Stop Loss (SL): The proper use of SL will protect profits & limit your losses. When u go 4 trade u place a stop 2 limit the loss; in case the trade goes against u. When the trade becomes profitable, u uses it to lock in a profit.

(06) Everyday is not a Trading Day: Only trade when the Sector/Market give clear trend. Just because u want 2 trade doesn’t mean you’ll find an opportunity. Only trade when its probabilities in your favor. Don’t become 'Addicted-2-Trade'.

(07) No one Wins-100% of Time Because Nobody is “GOD” in this Market: “Lots of people enter the market focused only on the profits & do not consider the Losses”. If u think for 1 minute, u r going 2 win all the time, you are Wrong; Losing is just part of the Cost of doing this Business.

(08) Lear 4rm your Mistakes: The most Successful traders & aggressive investors learn from their mistakes. Mistakes can be costly, so use them as learning experience & don’t make the same mistake twice. Because it can swipe your whole Capital. “Don’t cry on your mistakes, just learn through them. Because Mistakes can make a man perfect: also a woman in this field”.

(09) Bulls r Always Winner…? One of my senior always suggest me buying is always safe. Because u know what 2 loose. Is it true??? Nope!!! Its not. R u able 2 holds your Buying till the bottom out…??? Because nobody knows the Top as well as Bottom in the market. We can just predict.

(10) Know How 2 short; it’s an Art: Markets do not go up all the time. Bear market mean u can’t make money…??? Nope!!! Common sense says u have 2 follow the trend. Can u imagine only 4%-5% Indian Public ever short a Stock/Commodity in there Lifetime. It’s shocking. Then who is selling in bearish market…??? Does u know the market falls 67%-80% faster than they rise? “It takes 3-Months time 2 developing a Healthy Bull Market & it CRASHED>>>>>> only in just 3-Days. It doesn’t mean I’m encouraging u 2 go short @ any level. Always move with trend because it’s an Art.

(11) Follow the Rules: If u follows these rules, u has a much better chance of success than someone who doesn’t. Always remember there is no guarantee of Success because nobody is ‘’GOD’’ in this market. But if u follows the rules of trading than your chance of loosing r less than your chance to win.

“Always remember, it’s your money.

Take Control…… and follow the rules you’ll win definitely.”